Mission Statement

MBB Solutions Intro LetterMBB Solutions will provide premier management consulting services in the area of business and cloud-based software applications, with an expertise in document/form generation and management.


About Us- Mbb Logo CubeMBB Solutions was created to help businesses with their selection, implementation, integration and support of business software applications. Our focus is on Software application that are Cloud based to allow you to take advantage of the many benefits of Cloud Solutions

Building on 40+ years of experience, the co-founders are able to assist any size organization from the start entrepreneur to the Fortune 500.

In addition to these services, MBB will be working to bundle certain unique solutions that would have dramatic benefit to businesses and by bundling, MBB can offer at reduced pricing from the largest providers.

MBB News

7/15/11 MBB Opens Office in Ellisville MO
8/1/11 MBB Launches Legal Solution for cloud document creation and management.

MBB History

MBB Solutions was created in early 2011 by John Knoblich and Mark Lonsdale.

John Knoblich,
MBB President and Co-Founder

Mark Lonsdale,
MBB CTO and Co-Founder

Accomplished Business Strategist and Executive with deep experience in improving operations, building automation, and optimizing performance for Telecom and IT/Data Center companies.
Known for excellent implementation skills and ability to focus on minute details without losing sight of the big picture. Exceptional strength in three areas:
Organizational Change: Assess strengths and weaknesses and quickly yields results by devising improvement strategies that accurately factor in customers, staff, and company goals.
Sales-to-Billing Process: Realize untapped revenue by applying comprehensive knowledge of complex support systems, from initial lead generation through quoting, ordering, installing, and invoicing. Deep expertise in all aspects of sales, installation, and billing processes.
Performance Metrics: Digest and prioritize massive quantities of data, identify critical variables, and create actionable performance metrics that, ultimately, transform the organization.
Business Process Management – Software Development – Contract Lifecycle Management – Global Perspective -
Program & Project Management – Workflow Management – ITIL -
Visionary Leadership – Customer Driven – Quality Focused – Executive Presentations
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Expert in Systems Technology & Integration / Cloud Computing / Metrics & Process Improvement with a proven track record in margin improvement.
Mark Lonsdale is an accomplished senior level corporate executive with expertise in Internet Cloud Systems, Technologies and Applications, leveraging his program and project management expertise, expert knowledge, and system and process automation experience to design and implement business solutions.
Lonsdale is an integrator of major systems, he is experienced in requirements gathering, technology specification, vendor negotiation and selection, system design and architecture development and deployment of multi-national, global systems.
He has a track record of assembling and managing multi-national, highly collaborative teams of recognized experts, and is knowledgeable in all aspects of software and infrastructure delivery life cycles. He applies special emphasis to risk mitigation and outage minimization for all infrastructure and product integration. His focus is always trained on the customer’s needs and the organizations strategic goal, and he works tirelessly with clients, experts, peers and cross-functional stake holders to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of both.
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