Document Solutions

MBB Solutions has developed a cloud based solution that will meet all of your Document Generation and Management needs. Working with ASC and their ASC Contracts platform, MBB Solutions can quickly set-up and configure a document solution for your business.

Our solution can…

  • Provide solutions for basic up to extremely complex document solutions.
  • Support start up or small business and continue to grow with you as your business expands.
  • Control workflow and approval based on system intelligence and role.
  • Allow complete visibility to all customer document information in one location.
  • Meet the needs of the Sell Side and the Buy Side of your business (or both!).
  • Produce customized documents and business process that are unique to your business.


Document Solution

How Can a MBB Solution Benefit your Business?

MBB solutions can help you in four key areas: Time and Cost efficiencies by documentation and process automation, document quality and reproducibility, and scalability to ensure the solution will grow seamlessly as your business grows.

Document Process

MBB Solutions has built a solution that will assist your business from the initial contact with the customer until you have an executed order.

Working from the first meeting, our solution will help to get all customer information and then allow you to prepare custom documents in seconds! Our solution can be accessed from any web based computer or tablet or smartphone…perfect for your remote sales staff.

Our solution can provide up to date templates for staff to use, while forcing special approval or review when key business elements are changed.

Our solution can be set up to help users manage their day to day activities, receive email notifications when work is needed and provide complete visibility for your business to all customer document information.

Document Process

Complete Solution

MBB Solutions realizes that any document solution must fit into the rest of your business. The Document process is key to all business processes but it does not sit on an island.

MBB Solutions will work with you to integrate your document solution into all elements of your business. MBB will assess your business needs and determine the most function and cost effective solution for your business.

Due to the open design of the ASC contracts product, integration can be accomplished. ASC has successfully completed integrations with many of the leading software application providers and can be modified to support even more!


MBB Solutions understands that your business is unique. We work to understand your business and then develop a solution unique to your both your functional and financial goals.

Due to the flexible nature of the ASC Contracts product, MBB Solutions develop different levels of solution. From the initial start up to the growing firm to the mature business, MBB can customize a solution for your business.

There are four levels of documents that allow you to pick and choose a solution that is best suited for your business. The entry level allows for basic tracking but no document generation. The second level allow you to build customized document from the system but only with basic customer information. Our third level allows you to build customized documents but with as many variable and clauses as you need. Our highest level is a completely custom document built from an internally developed clause library


Pricing and Payment

Our Document Solutions will have three different types of costs:
1) User License, 2) Customized Development and 3) Support.

  1. User License – This cost will be based on the number of user licenses purchased. There are two type of licenses, Full Access and Read Only. These costs will be recurring for as long as you use the application.
  2. Customized Development – This cost will be to support the customization of the core document solution to meet your individual needs. Depending on the complexity of your solution will drive this cost. This cost is a one time cost.
  3. On-Going Support – MBB offers both a recurring and a pay as you go model for support. The recurring model will provide guaranteed levels of support and changes to existing forms. The pay as you go model will allow you to pay for services or changes only when needed.
    All services are billed annually. If you are interested in a monthly payment plan, a servicing fee will be applied.

To begin work, MBB will expect a 20% down payment on all Customized Development charges.

Payment methods accepted are check, debit and credit cards.

Pricing and Payment

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