MBB Solutions is a Consulting Practice that focuses on improving business performance through the use of Cloud based software applications. MBB Solutions works with clients to understand their business and helps them through the difficult process of introducing new Software applications to your business.

MBB Keys Services

  • Selection – identifying the right product for your business.
  • Implementation – Working with client to make sure Solutions meet the business needs with minimal interruption and on schedule.
  • Integration – Developing and configuring different systems to work together to increase productivity and eliminate double efforts.
  • Support – Provide a resource after the implementation to assist users and businesses get the full benefit of their investment.
  • Business Intelligence – Provide insight and information about your business performance from your software applications.
  • Business Consulting – Assisting clients with understanding their business and working on strategies to achieve their vision!


SelectionIn today’s business environment, there are many options for your software selection. Each software provider has a goal to sell you their product. They are not focused on what your business really needs and whether their product will really help you. Also, they do not worry about how this new software will interact with other elements of your business.

MBB Solutions will serve as your trusted advisor during this difficult selection process. We will understand what your real business needs are before finalizing a selection. We can complete your entire search, work with your existing team during the search process or just review your final selection.


ImplementationWhile most software products are sold as if they come right out of the box and immediately start providing your business immediate benefit, that is not the case. Most software products today are built for the mass market and thus have a lot of variables and configuration items that need to be set during implementation. Another challenge is introducing your new products to your business. Nothing is more frustrating than spending a lot of money on a new product and the staff continues to use old processes.

MBB Solutions can help you through this implementation process. We have been rolling out new applications to businesses for over 20 years. We will be able to quickly understand the software and configuration necessary. More importantly, we will work with your staff to get them up to speed on the new application.


IntegrationIntegration can make or break a new software application. After you buy the new product with promises of compatibility, you find that connecting the new application up to existing systems or processes is much more difficult or impossible. Also, many smaller companies do not have the expert staff to complete this integration tasks.

MBB Solutions continually reviews and analyzes how your new application will fit into your business. MBB Solutions will work in advance to ensure compatibility is possible and will work to develop your overall solution in a manner that provides the benefit you are expecting. MBB Solutions can work with your staff to assist these efforts, manage outside contractors or complete the work in house.


SupportSupport is always a challenge after an implementation of a new software application. Initially, existing staff will have questions and more training will be required. Next will come future development requests. And finally, there will be day-to-day support issues. Manging these three areas will help to drive adoption of your new software application.

The founders of MBB Solutions have been involved with many different types of implementations. With each cycle, MBB Solutions has learned and developed a solid path during these first few days. After initial success, MBB Solutions will work with you and your staff to understand how the application is working and what configuration changes are still necessary to get peak performance.

Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceMonitoring of your business performance is always an important goal, but often time it gets pushed back by day to day activities. Reporting can be time consuming and take away from normal productivity. And with many software applications, information is never quite what you want or need to run your business.

MBB Solutions has developed business reporting solutions for executives down to warehouse staff. The key in developing an effective report is to understand the audience and what they need to do with it. MBB Solutions will tailor these solutions to fit your needs for information and timeframes. When MBB Solutions is proposing a solution, they will always make sure that your solutions will have the key information that you need to run your business. MBB Solutions will also complete a pre and post implementation benchmark on performance to show the benefit of the new software application.

Business Consulting

Business ConsultingIn business today, most owners are so focused on running their business that they take little time to sit back and understand how their business is really performing. While you are getting tasks done, could you be doing them cheaper? Could there be ways to increase productivity? Are there steps that could be done to eliminate repetitive tasks?

The founders of MBB Solutions have been looking at these problems for years. Having MBB Solutions quick review of your business, documenting current processes or even talking with your staff can provide you valuable insight on current performance and opportunities for future improvement!