MBB Solutions is focused on your complete business solution. We are successful when our cloud based software solutions help to improve your business performance. Most of our competitors are focused on only pieces of a solution and take little ownership in improving your business. This fact differentiates MBB Solutions from our competitors.

MBB Solutions is focused on the complete solution for your business. MBB Solutions will work with different software vendors to provide integration for your multiple systems. We have project managed efforts ranging from global multimillion dollar efforts down to local focused efforts. Our focus is on how the solution will affect your business. We will work to understand how the new software application will affect other elements of your business, working through any issues and providing multiple options on direction going forward. MBB Solutions will work with you and your team to make sure our solution meets or exceeds your expectations.

Through the years, MBB Solutions team has worked with a number of different vendors. Occasionally, MBB Solutions will develop a strong bond with a vendor and work to develop bundled solutions that can provide immediate benefit to businesses. These bundled solutions have been thoroughly vetted by MBB Solutions. Focus will be on the vendor’s past performance, overall functionality of their product, complete cost of their product and the products ability to easily be configured to meet your different business needs. MBB Solutions will continually look and work with vendors that meet our high standards and can have real benefit to your business.


MBB Solutions follows a structured path to your solution!

Assessment – We will provide a detailed review of your current business processes, attempting to understand how it is currently working and how you would like it to work.

Solution – We will develop a solution that fits both your business needs and financial needs. We will also validate our solution against your business vision.

Implementation – We will work closely with you during the implementation of your solution. We have a focus on details and will work with your business to ensure the transition to a new application is as seamless as possible.

Support – We will be there to assist your teams will start up questions and also work with you on future development activities.

Why Cloud?

Cloud based solutions provide access to an increasing array of business tools over the internet, removing the need to purchase and update software on local computers or company servers. Complex ‘enterprise’ class software solutions can now be accessed ‘on the go’, anywhere you have access to the internet, allowing you to focus more time on your business.

Why Document Solutions?

Why Document Solutions?MBB Solutions first venture into a bundled solution is in the document generation and management area (often time called Contract Lifecycle Management or CLM).

When building your business, you will end up with many different software applications. What is common to all? The answer is that most are connected together by a contractual document or order. Every business sells a service or product. Each has the need for a system that will help them manage these documents and bring control to the process. Whether it being on the sales side or the buy side of your business, you have the need to have control and visibility.

MBB Solutions started looking for a solution in this area over 5 years ago. Through lots of calls, discussions and demonstrations, MBB found a company that was a leader in the CLM industry and had been developing document solutions since 1992. The company’s name is Advanced Software Concepts (ASC) ( and is based in Ottawa, Canada. While initially starting with CLM solutions in the telecommunication industry with Bell Canada, ASC has been branching out to companies in the financial, utilities and legal industries. Their core product (ASC Contracts) is a cloud based, java developed application that has incredible power for business but is amazingly simple to use. While a seeming contradiction, this power and ease of use is what makes ASC Contracts product an industry leader.

Working with ASC Contracts, MBB Solutions can customize a document solution that is tailored to your meet specific business process and need. You will find our solution has all the “bells and whistles” of enterprise level applications but at at a price and convenience that cloud based applications provide. Due to the lower price and functionality benefits, average customers will see return on their investment in a matter of months, not years!

MBB Solutions has developed a 30-day free trial environment for you to see the power and funcationality of our Document Solution. Click on the link below to learn more about our exciting Document Solution.



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